Moringa Lion


USDA Certified Organic

Moringa Lion is based in St. Croix in the beautiful United States Virgin Islands. It is owned and operated by two native Virgin Islanders, who have a deep love and respect of the bounty of the lush plant life in the Virgin Islands.

Our line of Moringa Lion products are grown organically – free of pesticides and harmful chemicals and packaged on a daily, in small batches, as needed, to optimize freshness and nutriional value of the products. We do not bulk-package any of our products. We package each bag with care, attention to detail and work hard to limit shelf life of our products at our packaging facility and with our retailers.

Moringa Lion wants consumers to get all the benefits that Moringa Oliefera has to offer including Living Enzymes, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals. We pride ourselves in the vibrancy of our product. We pick our organically grown Moringa leaves and dehydrate them immediately in low heat conditions, to maximize both freshness and nutrient quality and packaged and distribute quickly to ensure that the consumer gets the freshest product possible.

We wish each and all the blessings of good health!

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