Wendell Cox

Wendell is an established poultry farmer who is expanding into other areas of production and new markets for his humanely raised meat and eggs. Working close with Ridge to Reef Farm, Wendell supplies the VI-CSA with eggs, and chicken meat.

Wendell’s birds are some of the most well-kept in the USVI, and he follows humane standards and shows great care for the life and happiness of his flocks. His hormone-free birds have ample space, abundant feed, fresh hay, open breezy conditions,and have an uncovered outdoor pen for more “free-range” movement. His birds have lovely plumage and display great health and vitality -a direct reflection of Wendell’s commitment to the loving care of the life he husbands. To book a tour of Wendell’s farm and see the birds yourself, contact the email listed here to make arrangements.

Soon, with technical support from Ridge to Reef, Wendell will be incubating his own eggs – creating an important local supply of chicken hatchlings and helping “close the loop” for the island’s local agricultural sustainability.

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